A/E Cache Capsule

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Typically in a survival situation you will only have the gear that is on your body. We designed our Austere Environment Cache Capsule to be compact and durable enough to always have on your person. Can be stowed in pocket, worn around neck/wrist, or placed on your key ring. Built from T6061 Anodized Aluminum and can be submerged up to 20 meters. We've selected the most critical compact components to aid in your survival. 


  • Both ends unscrew to retrieve gear easily
  • extra room to add perishable items like water tabs or personal medications
  • Full length: 120mm
  • Diameter: 28.5mm
  • Inner length: 110mm
  • Inner diameter: 24.5mm
  • Key ring/lanyard hole


  • Brass flint sparker (one handed fire starting) w/ extra flint
  • 3 tinder quick tabs
  • 6 wind/waterproof matches w/ strike pad
  • Aluminum signal whistle
  • SERE compass
  • Mini Chemlight
  • Fishing hooks
  • Fishing fly
  • Lead sinkers
  • 60 yds fishing line on spool

Includes 2 extra O-rings, Key ring, and dummy cord lanyard. 

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4 Reviews

Lee D Jul 7th 2019

Top Notch. 10 stars.

I've been playing with different carry methods, Flute Pouch is perfect for it. I added a ferro rod and stryker. Added about 10 water tabs in a small container. Works perfect submerged. Me and my son went snorkeling today and did not have any issues with water entering into it. Mix and match the gear inside to what you know, imagination and skill is key. I'm really happy with it. 10 stars.

Bobby Jul 6th 2019

SOLD OUT??????

This sold out the same day it was released???? Damn when will it be back in stock??? Can somebody email me and let me know or put me on the list please.

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