Home Defense Primer

A home defense situation may just be one of the most probable survival situations we may be placed in. Taking a few steps may be the difference from you protecting yourself and your family or becoming a headline on the local news.

A home invasion is when someone enters your home by force to rob you, take your family hostage, or worse. They are not there to share a cup of coffee; with that you should take steps to prevent this. Even with prevention its still possible and you may have to make the ultimate decision to take lethal action to defend yourself. Home invasions don't only happen in high crime areas or rich neighborhoods, they can happen anywhere. I know that I see a story of home invasion almost daily on the news and I don't live in a "bad area".

Safe Room

The first thing to you and your family need to develop is a "safe room". This is a room in the house that everyone will congregate in the event of a home invasion. There are a few tactical reasons for this.

  1. You want to be able to defend your family, with them all in one room (this makes it easier)
  2. You can give instruction to your wife or kids to contact the authorities while your focused on defending the safe room (contact the authorities immediately)
  3. No one can be taken hostage (someone can be taken hostage if you are separated)
  4. If shots have to be fired your family will not be in the crossfire
  5. It makes family accountability easier

Stay in the safe room until authorities arrive. Bad guys may be waiting for you to come out and attack. Never leave the room to take on the attackers single handedly, this puts you and your family at risk.

Many people purchase a handgun and feel "safe". Obviously you need to train with that weapon, get trigger time at the range. Also train shooting at a variety of distances in low light conditions (as most home invasions happen in the 3am-4am hour). You may be groggy when you are called to attack; so muscle memory training will need to take over. This type of muscle memory only happens by training. This type of training is best when stress is induced.  There are many different schools out there that focus on this type of training  

If a home invasion occurs you will need to position yourself in the far corner of the safe room on the side that is behind the door. Tactically this is the best position for defense, because you will be the last thing the attacker see's when entering the room (giving you the tactical advantage). This will also give you the time to determine if they are "friend or foe" and if you need to take lethal action. This will makes sense if you've been in the military and understand CQB fundamentals. 

Firearm Selection
Firearms are really personal preference. If your a novice (or family) with firearms I suggest you get yourself and or them training. Being a novice is not an excuse to get a poor defensive firearm.  Stack the deck in your favor against the bad guy. You will want the most tactically efficient firearm available. I do have an affinity for 12 gauge because of the spread of 00 buckshot doesn't have to be as surgical as say a 9mm round when I'm just awoken from a deep sleep.  

Consider weapon mounted lights on your Home Defense firearm. I think it's a no-brainer. I have a WML on all my firearms that I may use in a defensive situation. It can give a tactical advantage but more importantly to identify friend or foe  the last thing you want to do is take the life of a loved one in a mistaken identity.

I don't have small children in the house and that allows me to keep my pistol by the bed. I understand some may not have this option, so you may want to keep the weapon locked in the safe room. If you do have a pistol I highly suggest tritium night sights. They make these sights for many types of pistols today and will make taking down bad guys in the dark a lot easier.  With the pistol I keep my cell phone and a flashlight by the bed. Like the BSS TAC Light- Check it out HERE

Home Security
Home security is what you do to detour the bad guys, Home defense is what you do to the bad guys once they are in the house. Home security is a broad subject and I'll cover the basics. There are a plethora of alarm systems and that should be your first step. Dog's do wonders at keeping the wannabe home invaders away, as well as alert you when someone is there. I know my dog does at least and as much as you want to yell at them for barking when someones pulling in the neighbors yard...don't. They are just doing their job by alerting you that someone's outside.

Below are a few more tips

  • Don't post on social media sites that you will be away on vacation
  • No brainer but...lock doors when and when not home
  • Outside lighting detours bad guys
  • At least have a double locking system on doors to exterior
  • Hide valuables in children's rooms (thieves usually bypass kid's rooms)
  • Check out all doors and windows regularly
  • Become friends with your neighbors and look over each others home's
  • If you can't afford an alarm system, purchase some alarm system stickers for your window or signs for your lawn (most criminals don't want to take the chance)
  • Keep blinds down so would be criminals can't window shop your house

Remember survival is not always wilderness survival. Protect your home and protect your family...live to fight another day