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Tactical pens are focused impact weapons. There are times and places where guns/Knives aren’t allowed. They can also be used as a back-up/non dominant hand to be used to break contact and allow one to use their pistol. Our version has a glass break tungsten tip (excellent tool for law enforcement officers). The Black Scout ethos is having tools that will fill multiple duties. The BSS TAC pen does that- note taking, weapon, and vehicle egress tool.

Pen body material is made of Aviation grade aluminum 6061-T6, the same steel material AR-15 lower receivers are made from. The pen head material is made of High hardness and ultra durable stainless steel embedded tungsten steel tip that has a hardness is above HR90.

Solid attack tip made of tungsten steel that could be used for defending yourself from an unexpected attack; Tactical pen could be used as glass breaking tool for quickly escaping from dangerous place under emergent and unexpected circumstance; High-strength precision rolling ballpoint pen.

-1.8 ounces 
-5.9 x 3.1 x 1.6 inches 
-black finish 
-wide pocket clip for pants pocket 
-aircraft aluminum body 
-tungsten carbide tip 
-BSS Crest Laser engraved

**pen will accept a Fisher Space Pen PR4 refill for wet weather writing

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5 Reviews

Bryant May 31st 2018

Tac Pen

Great duty pen and a excellent option for when your traveling and don’t have the ability to carry a blade or sidearm. I did however replace the original ink cartridge with a Fisher Space Pen one (SPR4).

Lee May 18th 2018


Great pen. I ordered 2 of them, I've been carrying mine around for the last few days and it works great for work. It stays concealed in my pocket and makes me feel better having it at a workplace where I'm not supposed to have a blade on me. My son has his with him at school for the same reason. Tip is tough and it's perfect in my hand. Great job, by far the best tac pen I've seen.

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