Combat Survival Kit

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Built for ground operational forces to aid in survival and evasion. This kit was designed to address the key survival priorities ( i.e. water, fire, navigation, signaling, food gathering, and gear repair) in a small portable package.  

We chose a virtually indestructible and waterproof container to ensure your last-ditch kit is protected. We’ve selected quality time tested gear that you can depend on. This kit is perfect for military personnel, backpackers, hunters, and the prepared citizen.

Kit Case: 
-Outside Dimensions: 4.40″ long x 3.05″ wide x 1.40″ deep 
-Depth Rating: 80 Feet for 30 minutes 
-Temperature Range: -30 F to 175 F 
-High Impact ABS 
-#316 Stainless Steel Pins 
-Case conforms to MIL-STD-810F Transit Drop Test and Immersion Test and SAE J575 Dust Resistant Test. 
-Nylon Lanyard Cord 
-Case made in USA

Kit Components: 

-Mini Chemlight
-Folding Razor Saw 
-Baseplate compass 
-Whirlpak water bag 
-Water purification tablets 
-Brass snare wire 
-Fishing kit: 
-2 snelled hooks 
-3 lead reusable sinkers 
-BSS signal whistle 
-BSS Fresnel Lens 
-BSS Photon II red LED light 
-Ferro rod with grip handle 
-5 tinder quick tabs 
-6 waterproof/windproof matches 
-3M reflective night time signaling card 
-Mini Signal Mirror 
-Mini sewing kit 
-Hank of micro paracord 
-Duct tape 
-Survival information card 
-Kit Weight: 6.5oz

The Combat PSK can work as a stand alone kit however we recommend to supplement this kit with the following: 
-a good folding or fixed blade knife 
-trauma kit (Like our MDP & IFAK)
-survival blanket

*Black Scout Survival reserves the right to substitute kit items with items of equal or superior quality. 
**International orders will not include matches

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3 Reviews

Ramon c. Mar 17th 2018

Bss psk!!

I just received my bss psk and i must say it's an amazing kit...
Just the right size for a.backpack,glove box of your car/truck or cargo pants......
And im really looking forward to take it with me on my next hike!!
Of course I've got my fixed knife,survival blanket and a trauma kit with me so like jack. says it's good to be prepared....i do recommend this kit for those that go out in the wilderness...thank you bss and jack for a really great survival kit!! r.p.c.

Christian Feb 27th 2018

Great Product

Quality items in a high quality case. Using this as my new SERE kit. I'll probably just add a Leatherman Squirt or a Gerber Dime, and it'll be good to go.

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