(DVD) WATCHMEN: Fortifying your Stronghold

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Join Jack Richland as he dives into the most likely life threatening events you will face. He will teach you how to overcome evil, whether that be a home invasion or civil unrest. You will learn how to be the Watchmen and how to fortify your stronghold. The criminals are prepared, are you?

Just some of the things you'll learn

  • Look inside the Criminal mindset
  • When are the most likely time you'll be attacked
  • Strategies criminals use against you
  • What are the easiest entry points in your home and how to harden them 
  • How to Build a Emergency Action Plan
  • Build a security plan with little to no cost
  • Prepare your home for Civil Unrest from looters and rioters
  • How to select and build a SAFE room
  • Tools for your safe room and building in-home GO Bags
  • How to effectively clear rooms with military techniques
  • How to use chokepoints and fatal funnels to your advantage
  • How to communicate without talking like the military
  • Set up a tactical ambush
  • How to employ firearms in the home
  • Command and control of a criminal
  • Harden your home with self security assessments
  • What safes to choose to protect your valuables
  • Why its important to have escape and evasion bundles in your home
  • Techniques for fighting in low light conditions
  • Weapon selection for home defense strategies
  • Ammunition considerations for your defensive weapons
  • Turning your family into a tactical team
  • Building a Neighborhood Defense Force
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1 Review

Kevin Lee Dec 30th 2020


Great training video for home security. Shows how to harden your house outside and inside. Then moves towards what to do if intruder(s) get into your house.

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