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Version 2: This is the latest iteration of the FLUTe pouch

This pouch was designed to EDC the BSS TAC/BSS TAC2 flashlight discretely and securely or any flashlight of your own choosing!

It can be worn in a vertical and horizontal position on a belt like our BSS Concealment Belt. Our newest version has a MOLLE compatible strap as well to attach to various gear. The lid has a Black Scout crest affixed to the front for a rubberized grip- in the case it needs to be accessed quickly (like in a defensive situation).

The back of the pouch has a hidden compartment to hold the red lens filter for the BSS TAC light, charging cable, money, or escape & evasion gear. 

Made from Codura fabric here in the USA The inside of the pouch is lined with a rubberized material to ensure the strike bezel of the BSS TAC doesn't puncture or compromise the pouch.


-Pistol Mag 
-Survival Kit


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2 Reviews

Lee Aug 29th 2018

EDC Upgrade.

I did not have an opportunity to get my hands on the original version of the FLUTE pouch. With that said, I dig these a lot. Ordered two, and another bss V3 so that I could have both at the ready. One on my person and one on or in the pack I'm using for the day. High speed snaps, soace for the red lens and charge cable, well made, well stitched, cordura, USA made and MN made. BSS and Centerline did it again.

Coby Feb 27th 2018

Perfect for the BSS Tac Lite

I used the BSS tac light and Flute Pouch when I am moonlighting as event security so the pouch gets a workout. I often have to weave through crowds, catch crowd surfers, escort unruly patrons out, break up fights, etc. That being said the pouch has held up wonderfully through all of it and i have no worries about the strike bevel punching through the bottom with the lining.
I highly recommend and have already bought a couple of these for use with other lights dedicated to outdoor pursuits.

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