Operative Evasion Kit

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Low-vis discreet kit built as a last ditch kit for those operating in dangerous/non-permissive environments. Includes items to aid in escape, infiltration, evasion, and signaling to friendly forces. Due to the Infrared patch- this item cannot be shipped outside the USA. 

OSS Mini 5 pc. Lock Pick Set; 

  • Tension Tool
  • Saw Blade
  • #9 Hook
  • #E6 Bogota Rake
  • #12 Rake

Clear Case 56mm x 35mm x 10mm

  •  Signal mirror 35mm x 50mm w/silver 3M signal panel on rear
  •  10 ft Kevlar string, Green on flat bobbin.
  •  EZ Decoder
  •  Quick Stick
  •  S/S Key Style Split Pawl Shim
  •  Razor Blade, Black
  •  IR 1"x1" square
  •  Metal handcuff key
  •  14mm mini oil filled compass
  • Mini Cyalume Lightstick
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1 Review

Lee D. Dec 8th 2018

If you cant get to safety with this.

If you cant get yourself to safety with this, there is not a lot that will. It's all the necessities for an E&E scenario. Hopefully you will not need to use any of this gear, but if you do... your in good hands. Get familiar with everything here and learn to layer some of it on your person incase of emergencies. Awesome kit. Good job on Black Scout Survival for this one.

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