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This kit was designed for professional use of those operating remotely in dangerous/hostile environments- such as military personnel, wilderness guides, government agencies, explorers, etc. It will provide survival 
priorities as well as escape and evasion tools.

Built around a robust belt pouch that will keep the essentials on your body to ensure your not separated from this life support kit. 
Everything is individually bagged to provide protection against water and jungle environments.

Kit Contents include

Survival Tools: 
-Silva base plate compass 
-SOL Signal Mirror 
-BSS Edition Fox40 Micro Whistle 
-BSS Edition Photon II red LED 
-BSS Micro Fishing Kit 
-HiVis Signal Panel 
-SOL Heat Sheet Survival blanket (orange) 
-Sawyer Insect repellent 
-water bag, resealable 
-water purification tablets (10 count) 
-6 pack wind/waterproof matches 
-4” ferro rod 
-10 pack tinder quicktabs 
-Leatherman Squirt PS4

Escape & Evasion tools: 
- 8 piece lockpick set with case 
-metal handcuff key 
-plastic handcuff key 
-Black Kevlar cordage 
-Cyalume Mini Chemlight

There is also room to add components to the kit like medication and cash.

Weight: 1lbs 3oz

6.5”x 5”x4”

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