FireCache Ferrocerium Rod

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Fire is one of your most critical components to survival. We want to prepare you by ensuring you can make fire when your life depends on it. Our FireCache ferrocerium rod will light 12,000 fires. The threaded ferrocerium rod can be replaced once you've exhausted your previous one. The waterproof capsule in the handle can hold tinder or other survival gear like fishhooks and water purification tablets. 

The FireCache includes a multitool striker (hex wrench, bottle opener, scraper, and map scale).

The paracord lanyard includes inner strands of waterproof tinder. 

**We recommend purchasing a replacement rod and tinder quick tabs to carry as tinder. 

Ferro rod 5" OAL

Striking rod 3"

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1 Review

Scott G Aug 5th 2022

Best in the market.

You will not find a better product.

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