O.G. Belt (Overt Gun Belt)

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The Overt Gun Belt or what we call the "O.G." is our take on the Battle Belt. We spent two years on this design attempting to streamline and make it a modular belt system. This is comprised of a 2 belt system that includes a daily wear rigid velcro (loop) 1.5" inner belt that connects to an exterior 1.75" Battle Belt. 

Our idea is that when a situation arises a prepared citizen can quickly transfer their concealed carry pistol to a battle belt system that can be carried in the vehicle or go-bag. It can also operate as a slim down Battle Belt that doesn't need a pad. Or a duty belt for MIL/LEO. 

Inner Belt:

  • 1.5" Rigid SCUBA Webbing that is rigid enough to carry Concealed Carry Pistol
  • 2 Escape and Evasion pockets (one located in front and other in rear)
  • thumb pull loop for tightening
  • No buckle for carrying appendix IWB
  • The Inner belt is to be worn inside your belt loops like a traditional belt

Outer Belt:

  • 1.75" Rigid SCUBA Webbing belt that has loop velcro inside to connect to Inner Belt
  • Rigid enough to carry complete combat loadout (i.e. magazines, pistol, cuffs, blade, etc.)
  • Austri Alpine D-Ring Buckle with secure tab
  • Elastic keeper 
  • The Outer Belt is to be worn over your belt loops and connects via velcro to Inner Belt


Escape & Evasion Pockets

We went a step further and added two hidden pockets that have a feature not seen anywhere else on the market. Our hidden pockets have Deployment Tabs™ that will "deploy" the contents into your hand. Most belts with hidden pockets require the belt to be taken off to access contents; the Black Scout deployment pull tabs put critical items into your hand when bound with restraints. The belt contains one front pocket and one rear pocket - giving you the ability to access escape tools whether your hands are bound in front of you or behind your back.

SIZING (follow these instructions to determine size)
Our sizing chart is based on your pants size, so no need to break out a tape measure! ORDER YOUR PANT SIZE!! DO NOT OVERTHINK IT!! We also have in-between sizes which are the "NQ" or "not quite" sizes. Each of our belt sizes accommodates four waist sizes and I recommend you shoot for a belt that would place your waist size in the MIDDLE of that size belt. For example, if you are a 40" then the NQ3 is likely best for you.

Made in USA by CenterLine Systems

*Be absolutely sure you have the correct size and followed our instructions. These are custom built items and all sales are FINAL. These are custom built per your order and you need to be absolutely sure of your sizing. Read our sizing instructions on this page. if you’re uncertain, please reach out to us for help with determining your sizing.  This item is custom fit and not m, l, xl like gym shorts, they're not elastic. Email us if you're uncertain

*contents shown are an example only and must be purchased separately

**Disclaimer: In no event shall Black Scout Survival be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of our products. It is your responsibility to follow your local/state/federal laws.

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1 Review

Roger Mar 1st 2022

OG belt

Got mine in 2 weeks. Fits perfect and is made as well or better than my First Spear setup I have which says a lot in my opinion. Thank you Jack for always putting out good gear.

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