Stay Frosty Challenge Coin


Challenge Coins are part of Military tradition. Our ideology of mindset and preparedness is embodied in this coin with Stay frosty, stay strapped, and stay dangerous. 

These coins feature on the reverse side our BSS Custom Glock outfitted with the BSS Pistol Light that is super detailed.  serial numbered (we only have a limited quantity) 

2" wide

Antique finish with coyote brown enamel. 

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15 Reviews

AA Mar 29th 2023

More Than Coin.

This Challenge Coin has been with me everyday since I have received it! Super quick to come in; intricate design work, and awesome colorway, just such a great product! The day I ordered this; coincidentally enough, was the last day I had a drink of alcohol! Having this coin as an EDC always reminds me to stay "FSD" 100% in mind, body, and spirit!

KK Mar 27th 2023

2023 BSS coin

First time buying and well worth it. Show it and conversation starter to introduce BSS to people. Just wish more people would wake up.

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