Swiss Army Hiker BSS (Limited Edition)

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This classic pocket knife, with tools for just about any camping situation, measures just over 3.5 inches, allowing it to slide easily into a pocket.


  • Features two blades, a can opener with screwdriver, bottle opener with screwdriver and wire stripper, reamer with sewing eye 
  • Phillips head screwdriver, wood saw, toothpick and tweezers 
  • Rugged Swiss stainless-steel components, sturdy nylon handles and aluminum interior housings ensure this knife will last for years 
  • Knife can be hung around your neck or attached to your key chain as well as carried in a pocket 
  • BSS crest on reverse side
  • Crafted by Victorinox of Switzerland
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1 Review

Kenneth Dunlap Jul 19th 2021

sweet knife

Carry my knife with me everyday use the tooth pick constantly. Good steel gutted a cupped fish already razor sharp.

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