Lockpick Training Manual

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Lock picking simplified will teach you how to pick the most common locks you would encounter. You will learn the tools needed along with high definition diagrams that will show the inner-lock workings and how lock picks manipulate a lock. 

Items Covered:

  • Lockpick selection
  • Pin Tumbler 
  • Padlocks/File Cabinet/Tool Boxes
  • Warded Locks
  • Pick Guns
  • Tubular Lockpicks
  • Plug Spinner
  • American Locks and Bypass Tool

You can get this manual alone or with a practice set 5 piece lock pick set (including a rake/hook/tension set) as well as with a Stainless Bogota for an additional charge. 

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5 Reviews

SavEdgeSurvive Jul 13th 2018

Great, simple to understand resource for starters

I asked Jack what he would recommend for someone looking to add this to skill sets. And he directed me to the manual with the bogota picks. Really easy to read, and understand. I'm already building my skills and confidence in having to use this is in a survival situation. If your starting out like me. Get it. You will be happy.

Mark T. Tsunokai Jun 13th 2018


Great primer for individuals wanting to learn the concepts involved in lockpicking. Graphics and texts provide a good resource regarding this subject matter.

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