Bogota® Titanium Lockpicks

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Bogota® Titanium Lock Pick Tool Set

Single Hump
Triple Hump

Crafted from aircraft grade Titanium, these entry tools have a limited magnetic footprint and are extremely corrosion resistant. Light and covert, the Bogota® is the new "go-to" tool for operators.

The handle end of each Bogota® doubles as a tension wrench, each pick is approximately 1/8" X 3".

Made in USA 

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1 Review

RDIII Oct 24th 2018

Best out there, period.

Since I learned to pick locks, have never used such an effective pair of tools. There are few occasions where these weren't the most effective picks I had. I've used these to lock doors, and at the speed these work, that can be an important skill in E&E. I will be buying a new set, as I have unfortunately, lost mine after 5 years.

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