Mountaineer Bogota® 7pc Titanium

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  • Half-Diamond
  • 2-Hump
  • Sabana
  • Monserrate-Aft
  • Monserrate-Fore
  • Bogota Triple Hump
  • Bogota Quad

Crafted from aircraft grade Titanium, these entry tools have a limited magnetic footprint and are extremely corrosion resistant. Light and covert, the Bogota® is the new "go-to" tool for operators.

The handle end of each Bogota® doubles as a tension wrench, each pick is approximately 1/8" X 3".

Made In The USA

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1 Review

ALIEN♤Cowboy22 Jan 6th 2022

High quality buy it.

Great product.. I am satisfied with my purchase.. My only suggestion would be make a small pocket on the back of the pouch such as is for the regular mini bogata set "pouch/sheath" has. I enjoy carrying juggler wafer key in that back slot. I'd like to keep my key in this pouch. I now keep my original mini's pined to me and keep a diamond wire saw with this set in its pouch as stated above... I would like a spot for my jiggler waffer

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