Escape & Evasion 101

We are going to go over escape and evading capture whether it be serving in the military abroad, on vacation in a foreign country, or random bad guys are after you. In this series we will go over equipment, mindset and techniques. Only use these techniques if you have been illegally apprehended and your life is in danger.

Healthy Lifestyle
1. One of the most important aspects of escape and evasion is staying in good physical condition. If you have to run for your life, you don't want to get caught because you ran out of breath.

Situational Awareness
2. Using and applying situational awareness, when entering rooms scoping the exits, when walking down the street or dim parking lot and recognizing potential threats, and when getting into taxis or vehicles if the doors are able to be opened to name a few.

3. Always familiarize yourself with the area you are in. Especially when traveling out of the country. Look over the map and know a few routes to where you are going and how to get back. The bad guys will know the area. The more knowledge you have the less you will panic. Carry a map when traveling.

4. Once you have realized that your are being chased move fast. Put as much distance between you and your threat. If you find an immediate hiding place and looks safe, it will most likely be one of the first places your captors may search. Also understand once you have gained distance you may need to blend in with the baseline to vanish. 

5. Carry what tools you think you may need: knife, money, cell phone, etc. I'll go over equipment more in-depth in a later blog.

6. Escapes are always most effective in the initial capture. Usually the capture will be fast and sloppy, by lesser trained individuals, take advantage of it. You may also still have items on you to aid in your escape.

7. Utilize any friends or friendly forces that may help in your escape if possible.

8. When traveling abroad dress conservatively. Wear muted tones. Stay away from designer brands, jewelry, cameras, flashing wads of cash, etc.