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Designed after British Commando Survival kits. This kit is designed for compact carry and to help aid your survival in austere environments. The tin can be used to cook or boil water in extremis. The lid has a built in mirror to aid in signaling or wound management. A removable O-ring gasket for keeping a tight seal in water-borne operations.  

Kit items: 

  • Metal box
  • adhesive bandage *10
  • Fishing kit
  • Wire saw
  • Compass
  • Safety Pins
  • candle
  • Cotton balls
  • Wound dressing
  • salt sachet
  • Medical tape
  • sewing kit
  • Small Knife
  • flint and steel fire lighter
  • whistle
  • pencil
  • razor blade
  • Signal mirror 
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7 Reviews

Tony Ray Shaw Jul 21st 2024

A little piece of mind

I had purchased this as my Family, and I are always in the woods doing activities. This is a perfect little kit to have in the travel bag for a just in case scenario. would recommend if you are an outside individual or to put in your glove box for an emergency.

Ed Jul 19th 2024

Commando survival kit

This the best kit I've had. Filled with quality products. Love it.

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