Dog Tag Entry Tool Set

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Our Dog Tag Entry Tool Set will ensure you always have lock picks on you. We chose the trusted Bogota Picks to be used with this discreet set. Bogotas are designed so that the rear of the pick can be used as a tension wrench. Built in same form factor as military issue dog tags. Can be worn around neck, stored on key ring, hidden under soles of shoes, included in survival kits, or tucked away anywhere you can imagine. Built by Veterans here in the USA. 

The set includes:

  • 1 single hump bogota
  • 1 triple peak bogota
  • 1 saw

* does not include dog tag chain.

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3 Reviews

TNPer/BSS Commando ALIEN♤Cowboy22TNPer/BSS Commando ALIEN♤Cowboy22114-6198514-6282668 Nov 28th 2022

Agreed with commenta above. I keep 1 on my kit and one on my keys

I call this place the "Tribal Post Ex-change" Thank you "Jack" for your quality products.

Jed M. Jun 1st 2020


Wore it on a issued beaded necklace for several weeks (at work, and exercising). The saw feels scratchy once in a while. No issues with clothing either.

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