Field Watch Band Compass, Titanium

$58.00 - $75.00

A compass built for the toughest environments. We always wore a watchband compass during our military days as knowing where you are and where you're going is crucial to mission. We built a robust yet fashionable compass made from the highest grade materials. Made of a titanium housing that encases a precision luminous compass. This watch band compass is designed for 20-22mm NATO style straps. The compass has a screw in bezel ring that securely holds the compass in place. It can be removed by unscrewing with a paper clip or safety pin (in the event the compass needs replaced). We offer the FWBC in Bead Blasted or Black PVD coated Titanium. We chose titanium due to its strength to weight ratio. 

  • Fits 20-22mm NATO watch bands (G-10 NATO or NDC Straps on 22mm)
  • Depth rated to 100m/300ft
  • 1" x 1/4" with 20mm compass
  • Magnetic Luminous Oil filled compass
  • Machined Titanium Body


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16 Reviews

Anthony Caban Sep 19th 2023

Really nice piece

I'm a K9 handler and working nights I can't use the light on my Garmin watch all the time or the compass function when I'm tracking suspects in woods and neighborhoods. The button compass really helps with on the fly direction when my dog is tracking. It's sturdy construction for sure my only gripe, and it's a small one, is the size. I have it manually tied to my Garmin Instinct 2 and it does stick out a bit. Also, when I light it up it doesn't stay bright for long. But for what I use it for, that's a good thing.

Don sammer May 13th 2023

Nice quality!

I slipped this on my casio protek. Its a tight fit to ensure it doesn't move. This is a perfect size for me.

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