Folding Pocket Pick Set 7P

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This folding pick set is a cloned version of our very successful FPS-8 aluminum handle Jack Knife. It has 7 picks and 1 Bullnose tension tool.  The handle is molded from glass filled nylon; this material is extremely light and durable.  Upon request we can modify the"Jack Knife" lock picks to better fit your needs.

  • #02 - Small Diamond
  • #05 - Single Ball
  • #08 - Short Hook (flat top)
  • #11 - Snake (3/7 raker)
  • #12 - Camel Back
  • #13 - Saw Tooth
  • #17 - FALE Reach
  • #Bullnose Tension Tool
  • #Lifetime Guarantee
  • #Made in USA
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5 Reviews

Wiley_Coyote Jan 8th 2022

Folding lock picking set

My first lock picking set. Very impressed with with. It is small and has a pocket clip. Picks locks pretty well. I am new to this and is great to start on for sure. Probably be good for intermediate as well. If you want to get into lock picking this is solid to start with.

Cpl Mic Jan 15th 2021

Exactly what you need to get started

Picked this up to get started in hobby lock picking. Works as advertised. I had my padlock open within the first 2 minutes after opening the package. No special training required, pretty self explanatory.

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