Street Pick


The Street Pick is a self-defense blade designed to be employed quickly when seconds count. This isn‘t a utility blade but a purpose built defensive knife. 
It features a ring handle similar to a karambit for “indexing” it quickly when under stress and duress from an attack. It has a shank design for you to break contact or disable an attacker. The ring also aids in retention, so you don’t lose your defensive blade in those crucial moments of an attack. 

The kydex sheath and adjustable belt clip allows for you to carry in a variety of methods. 
overall length: 7.5”

blade length: 3.5”

Black G10 handle

D2 steel black finish blade 

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18 Reviews

Marc Hayward Sep 22nd 2023

Solid blade

Solid blade/setup. For the money you can’t beat it…especially in old sleepy joe Biden economy!

Nicholas Galasso Sep 21st 2023

The right tool for the job

It’s a really well made toothpick. I especially love the price, in these trying times, dental hygiene is important. My other favorite thing is the picks retention. After a good steak, sometimes you really have to get in there to get to all that meat and having a retention point to index quickly will insure I can hold on to my pick and reuse it over and over. I highly recommend this for its intended purpose. - USMC Vet 200-04 2/6 Fox Co.

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